We don't just speak Italian, we live Italian. Our extensive knowledge and experience with every region of Italy as well as our longstanding contacts in our home country is unmatched. Whether planning your first trip or returning to explore new sites, we can guide you to put together an itinerary tailored to your hopes and needs. The art, culture, food and beauty of the "Bel Paese" beckon; Arriva will bring you the experience.


Northern Italy

From Torino to Venezia and on to Trieste, we will guide you to the most beautiful spots in the north. Travel to the Italian Alps, the Mont Blanc, the world famous Dolomites.

Travel from Torino and the land of Barolo wine to the Como lake and its famous villas. Immerse yourself in the frenetic shopping life of Milan's fashion and then travel to romantic Venice. La Serenissima Republic of Venice, still untouched, after hundreds of years of standing tall with its grandiose marble palaces on the Grand Canal, the Magnificent St. Mark's church with its mosaics and the magic islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello.


On your way there though don't forget some of the most precious small towns that make Italy a unique place. Marvel at the great Palaces of Mantova, build by the Gonzaga Dukes, the Marvelous city of Verona with Juliet and Romeo's house and the world famous Arena di Verona. Stay one night and enjoy the best Opera of your life. Don't forget about Parma, Bologna, Padova or Trieste - among the best small towns in Italy - or the amazing byzantine churches of Ravenna and the fortress of the Estensi family in Ferrara.


Relax on the coastal town of Portofino, and travel down the coast from Genova until you reach the pearl of the Italian Riviera, the small fishing villages of the Cinque Terre. 


Center Italy



Everything that you have ever dreamed about Italy is actually a reality once you travel to Tuscany and Umbria. You will soon realize that it is not a dream but it still will look to you like one. Enter the magnificent city of Florence, immerse yourself in the Italian Renaissance, from the incredible dome of Brunelleschi to Michelangelo's David, the Museum of the Uffizi, the Church of Santa Maria Novella, there is never an end to the marvels that this city can offer, Art, food, culture, all of this in a magical atmosphere. We will bring you from Florence to the enchanted hills of Tuscany, the beautiful square in Siena, the incredible towers of San Giminiano. You will lose yourself in the vineyards and travel from village to village, from Montalcino to Montepulciano.  Viisit Pisa, Lucca, and travel to mystical Umbria.  You will be amazed at what you will see in Assisi, the amazing Orvieto and the cozy and magnificent village of Gubbio among others. The Marche region is not far away and the city of Urbino will be one of your favorite spots, the down to the Adriatic coast to the enchanted Conero, with white cliffs that dive into the blue sea.  

This is just the beginning before you travel to the eternal city of Rome.  It is like time has never gone by from the time of the Roman Empire. You will travel in time for the past 2,500 years, walk into the room of the Roman Senate, touch the massive columns of the Pantheon and you will be driven back in time. Walk to the Colosseum enjoy the hundreds of fountains in Rome, its cafes, breath history at every corner and in between make sure you have a gelato.  Ride a vespa to St Peters and cross into Vatican City and St Peters. You will be amazed on what you can see in the Vatican Museum and from there to the endless number of art you will find just walking down the street of Rome.  Only a few miles away outside of Rome, here you are again surrounded by nature, in the National Park of Abruzzo region in the middle of the Appennine.



South of Italy and Islands


So much to see so little time, that is how you will feel travelling to Italy. You will experience so much that your will want to return again and again. And what a better place to relax than the famous Amalfi Coast and Capri. Travel down to Naples and enjoy a new world,  a world of senses, the city of Naples and its famous Vulcano Mount Etna. Just outside the incredible dive /?????????????/ in history with the visit at Pompei and Ercolano. See how the Romans lived no other culture has ever been trapped and destined to live forever like the ancient city of Pompei and its inhabitants, destined to be forever. From Pompei to the enchanting Amalfi coast, the incredible blue Mediterranean sea, the towns of Positano, Amalfi, the incomparable view from Ravello and finally the enchanted island of Capri. It is always much more than you had imagined, so be prepared, there is a good reason why every one is always raving about this particular spot. 

There are however other less known pearls in the south that they shy away from the sophisticated spotlight of Capri and the Amalfi coast but they have a magical purity that is hard to find. Travel to the coast of Puglia, discover the incredible Trulli of Alberobello, drive to a sea of olive trees and reach Lecce the Italian capital of baroque and if you still have energy to travel then don't miss the wild and secluded beaches of Calabria.

You are finally in Sicily, this island needs a trip on its own, it seems sometimes that the entire world civilization is concentrated in this island. you will find the most amazing and well preserved Greek temples in the World. Once you have visited the temples of Agrigento you will think you had seen the best until you reach the other Greek temples of Selinunte and Segesta. You will understand why the Greeks chose this island and this spots for such amazing temples. Travel to the peak of Mount Etna, wow a the amazing view from this active volcano that has shaped the island.  Visit the world renowned city of Taormina with its roman theater with a breathtaking view of the seaside below. Enjoy the lava buildings of Catania and then reach the city of Siracusa with the ancient island of Ortigia where the old city is still laying after centuries from its birth.  Don't miss to travel into the rough center of the island to the small town of Noto and enjoy the Sicilian baroque in all its spendor. The roman Mosaics of Piazza Armerina and to the other side of the Island to Trapani with the amazing island of Favignana in front of it. Marvel at the view from the immaculate city of Erice up in the peak of the mountain overlooking the blue of the Mediterranean sea.  Don't forget to make a stop and immerse yourself in the beautiful blue water of San Vito Lo Capo near Palermo. Then refreshed and reinvigorated enter the ancient city of Palermo. So much history can be seen on top of each other in each stone that built this city. Founded by the Phoenicians in 700 BC, it has the signs of every major civilization, from the Greeks to the Romans, the Arabs the Byzantines, the Normans to the Spaniards up to today Italy. You can see all the changes in the churches and stones of each building in the city.  Still much to see in the Island to the city of Cefalu' up to Messina, but don't forget the amazing Eolie Island of Lipari, Vulcano, Stromboli and so on. Before leaving Sicily the furthest Italian post in the amazing blue sea and the island of Lampedusa.


Just when you thought that the fun was over, what a fantastic way to end your trip in the Paradise Island of Sardinia. When you  thought you have already seen the best sea in the world  you will be surprised once again.   Sardinia has an ancient history but has always being known to Italians and fellow Europeans as the most beautiful sea in the Mediterranean. Although it is as big as Sicily and the 4th largest Island in Europe, Sardinia is still relatively unknown outside of Europe and scarcely inhabited. It has the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean and some of the most amazing in the world. Incredible stretches of white sand, blue water, hidden coves with light turquoise water, granite rocks and some unique pink sand beaches in the archipelago of la Maddalena..and if you miss some nightlife with it...don't forget to stop in Costa Smeralda, the hearth of European Jet sets.