Located at 139 Fulton Street in the Financial district of Manhattan, New York. We have been providing outstanding service to clients for more 10 years.

We are a boutique trave company committed to deliver the best personalized service, we are also an American Express affiliate . We are specialized for the corporate segment in Government/ Diplomatic delegations and Corporations mainly fashion/food. For the leisure market our specialization is on Tropical paradises from the Caribbean to French Polinesia and Hawaii and our main other market is western Europe with Italy as our main market.

Owner Renato Grussu purchased the agency in 2008 and has build on the agency's tradition of excellence to provide personalized service to corporate and leisure clients. Renato has worked many years in executive management in hospitality both in New York and his native Italy, before acquiring and developing Arriva Travel.

Arriva Travel now proudly provides both Corporate and Diplomatic consulting. All Arriva Travel's consultants are experience specialists in their fields and are dedicated to providing the best possible advice and expertise all to ensure each and every client receives both competitive prices and highest standards to enhance their travel experience.

Tel: 914-428-6611


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