We believe each client is unique and has unique needs. We work with you to make your group successful. Each client will have one single point of contact which would make it easier to select the right vendor. We will help you select the hotel and event space that is right for you at the right price. We will work within your budget and deliver the best balance of quality and price.

Groups and Incentives

  • Hotel Selection - select which hotel is best for your group in terms of quality and price
  • Flights : we will contract the best group rate for your group.
  • Hotel block: negotiated on your behalf the best terms, conditions and terms of payment
  • Coordinate and contracting all transportation ( bus, limousines, minivan etc..) 
  • Hotel reservations- we will work with you and the hotel to coordinate all the bookings and after that check in, hotel stay, room assignment  and check out.
  • We will make sure the entire group but in particular your VIP's are taken care of.
  • One manager assigned exclusively to your group.

We have worked for may years in the hospitality industry and we have in depth knowledge of hotel operations. The manager in charge for groups directed front office operations in New York hotels and will follow up every single step of your group booking: from help in selecting the right hotel, to  booking, room assignment and check in and check out procedures and payment.



Italian Trade Commission Wine event Feb 2017, SoHo.

Bocconi University Group 

Italian Senators' group 

Italian Minister of the Environment, 

Colavita group October 

Valentino Fashion group, 

Comunione e Liberazione group ( New York Encounter) January 2015

Colavita Group October 2014